What is a Sarcoid? 
The term Sarcoid is used to describe various skin tumors in horses. Sarcoid comes in all sizes and shapes and general only affect the skin. Sarcoids can be benign but also malignant. Therefore veterinary advice should always be sought in cases of sarcoids.
How to use:

*  Apply Xxterra (a 3 - 5 mm thick layer) to the sarcoid daily for 4 - 6 days.
*  When a swelling and superficial wound apprears, stop applying.
*  Bandage can be applied if wanted, but not necessarry.
*  If the process stops, re-apply Xxterra for a couple of days.
*  Let the scab fall off by itself, do not assist the sluffing.

In up to 20% of cases, the sarcoid can re-appear. 
In these cases, repeat the process immediately or as soon as possible.  Less than 2% of sarcoids re-appear after a second application.

Do not get Xxterra in conjunctiva areas:  it may cause damage to the eyes.
Xxterra dries out the skin, gloves are recommended when applying.

For Animal Use Only.  Click here for a PDF copy.
Larson Laboratories
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Dr. Ken Larson developed Xxterra at the Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1970.
Xxterra was first used on a resident horse at the Colorado State University Teaching Hospital. A large sarcoid on the front leg, below the carpus has been surgically removed several times, but returned after each removal, and had now been present for months.
Xxterra was applied to the sarcoid and a bandage was put on. 4 days later the bandage was removed and the sarcoid fell of leaving a depression with discrete edges and a serious scab covering. The leg healed and no further treatment was given.
Since then, Dr. Larson and associates have successfully treated over 1000 sarcoids with Xxterra.