Horse Product Testimonials

Race Today®

Christine Laughlin

“I have tried many products to get Six Pack’s bleeding under control, including Lasix, which was the hardest on him.  That’s why I switched to Race Today. He no longer needs Lasix, and he’s sharper and feels better than ever! The best part is, it’s good for him.  Thank you Vetline! We love our Race Today; it really works!”

Cody Cabral

“To all of my performance horse and race horse friends…  When I noticed one of my new horses would work great most days then randomly didn’t want to enter the box, I found out that I had a bleeder on my hands.  Having been around barrel horses that bleed and always need shots that are bad for their health, I knew I wanted a safer route. Luckily, it didn’t take me long to find Race Today, which a lot of people are having luck with.  Happy to say after having my horse on it for a couple months, we haven’t had any bleeding issues and he is working great. Thanks to Race Today, my horse is really firing out of the box better than ever! I recommend it to anyone with horses that bleed or are having performance issues.”

Jerri Mann

“After seven years of unsuccessful attempts at controlling my horse’s bleeding with Lasix and other supplements, I was amazed to find that Race Today ACTUALLY WORKS! I highly recommend this product for anyone.”

Victoria Lynn Meyer

After my horse was diagnosed with exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, I went to the most commonly suggested solution: Lasix.  While Lasix does work, there can be a lot of negative, harmful effects that come with it. The thought of dehydrating my horse before every run didn’t sit well with me.  After consulting with my primary veterinarian, we decided to give Race Today a try, despite my being initially skeptical. I took a leap of faith and didn’t give him Lasix during a particularly heavy couple of weeks of races.  I am happy to say not only did he not bleed, but we won second in a particularly tough rodeo. Since that night, B has not received Lasix since.”

“Since starting on Race Today and removing Lasix from our routine, what has happened is a personality change in my horse and us being handed numerous winner’s checks throughout the past six months.  While his consistent success in the arena has been amazing, what has meant more to me is the change I can see in my horse. Lasix was hard on him and myself with keeping water from him, the injections, and timing it just right for the Lasix to work properly.  It acts as a Band-Aid, where Race Today focuses on improving the overall health of your horse, targeting the lungs. I will always put my faith into something that focuses on a solution and I am glad I put my faith in Race Today.”

Stacey Hart

“We all know the damages that Lasix can do to your horses.  Why not give them something else? No needles, no syringes, and no tubes –a that’s supplement proven to work.  Pepper and Kitty are both on this now. If I can do anything to keep Pepper running well, I will.  Also, when I messaged them about the product, the research and knowledge behind what they had to say was amazing…”

Lana Tibbetts

“If your horse is or might be a bleeder, Race Today is the supplement for you to help heal the problem, not just mask it.  Entrance resistance or running out of steam, stepping off third or coughing after your run, may all be evidence of bleeding.  I have personally seen the change on two of my horses and have witnessed the improvement on others. Please contact your local dealers to purchase!”

Kenna West

“Well we REALLY tested Race Today on today’s run!  Afternoon in 90+ degree weather, in deep dirt, on a big patter…now that’s a recipe to bleed if ever there was one!  Belle ran strong through the entire pattern…she even had enough ‘oomph’ to run out the gate, which she hadn’t had in a long time!  We picked up a check in Open and the Senior and best of all – NO BLEEDING!!! Belle didn’t cough, it didn’t take her forever to recover, and she was HAPPY!!  Race Today is a game changer for Belle and me and she’ll just keep getting healthier!”

“It was one year ago today that I called Vetline about putting Belle on Race Today…what a difference that has made in our lives! Lasix drugged Belle out, she wasn’t running to her full potential and that just wasn’t fun anymore.  Thank you, Vetline, Race Today saved my beautiful Belle’s career! We love racing again!”

Taylor Langdon

“Vegas and Frenchie love their Equilytes and Race Today so much that everyone I run is on them. Give your horse freedom from the fear of bleeding when they run and try these products today!”

Kim Guelly

“As of right now, I’m about to cry…no blood, none.  My horse thought he was going to bleed and didn’t. He also was not out of breath like before.  This is so awesome!”

“I just worked my horse hard! Then made an amazing run.  No blood – nothing but a calm and willing horse. I want my grey on this.  He’s not a bleeder but I think he’ll breathe better. I am without words again…”

Jodi Lynn Colton

“Race Today is a vital role to BB French Effort’s competition regimen.  I’m beyond blessed to be sponsored by such an amazing company! ‘Solo’ is now 100% off Lasix-free since feeding this supplement.”

Kalena Webb

“Had a great weekend at some of the last rodeos of the season.  Dice couldn’t have run any harder. I was bottom of the ground at 2 of the 3 rodeos and he just gave it 100%.  Thank you to our great sponsors fro another great rodeo season!”

Stacey Gates

“Booger has been on Race Today for 7 weeks and we have made 5 runs without Lasix.  I had him scoped last night after my run and he was clean; no blood at all. Yes, we were scared and very skeptical at first but we are so glad to have given this product a chance.  We will have no more needles, no more trying to time it out just right to give the shot before your run, no more withholding water and hay for hours, and all the other worries that go along with Lasix.  We are very thankful we found your product and support it 100%…so if you have a bleeder, give this a product a try.  You will be glad you did.”

Devin Noel Duke

“Rienzi clocked in the bottom of the 2D today and man is it nice having her feel good.  A few weeks off did some good and of course thanks to Race Today we’ve had no more bleeding!!”

Joni Laska

“I love how one ear is back, listening, and her eyes do not have fear in them.  I know it’s because of Race Today!”

Ashley Lawrence

“Wow Race Today really works! G has been on it for about a week and half and I already feel a difference in how she runs.  She ran hard and strong; so strong that with some major bobbles, we still ran a 19.5 and won the 5D. A big shout out to Vetline for producing such a great product.  If you feel your horse might be a bleeder, or your horse is breathing heavy while working, then message them!”

Stevie Ann Wilhelm

“The vitamins and nutritional benefits in Race Today actually heal the soft tissue in the entire body, not just the lungs.  There have been benefits with just horses that cough, and have allergies, as well. To stop coughing just from a supplement, like with my horse, and the relief from not having to hear him gurgle, cough, or to see him freak out anymore, is a Godsend.”

“I’ve talked to many vets, doctors, and old timers that have stressed to me to stay away from herbs because horses’ bodies weren’t designed to be on daily herbs because some actually thin the blood and do more damage and in the long run, actually start causing more issues over time than helping.  Only trust tried and true products that have been out for years, like Race Today has. After seeing the benefits in my bleeding horse, I have started feeding it to my personal horses to help prevent bleeding and have seen results in my mare firing and running harder within a couple of weeks with only feeding 2oz a day.”

Brenna Loften

“Well I’m at 30 days of Race Today on three of my horses – two are bleeders and one is on it as a preventative.  My difficult horse, Dusty, has struggled with bleeding, and he’s allergic to some ingredients that are in a lot of bleeding supplements.  On his last run, I was able to reduce his Lasix because of Race Today and I had given up on him after many vet visits and had turned him out before trying the new supplement.  People have even made comments about his quiet head and reduction in anxiety. My mare, Carrie, is on it for prevention but the change she’s has made in body condition shows; the ingredients are GOOD.  Being in the supplement business, I am very skeptical on things because there is a lot of false advertising out there. I also don’t believe in “miracle” supplements, but I do believe there are good ingredients out there to help your horse feel and perform it’s best.  I’m impressed!”

Laura Carmen

“Thank you Race Today!”

Jacie Schrempp

“Last fall I found out B-Bop was a bleeder. I was told I would have to use Lasix from now on, so I did and it was awful.  I hated the stuff and what it did to him. A good friend of my mom’s told her about a product called Race Today, so I got in touch with the company that makes it and put B-Bop on it right away.  We made two runs this past weekend and I had him scoped today and NO BLOOD. Thank you Eva for telling my mom about this stuff!!”

Kenzie Leedy

“I’m so thankful that I tried Race Today!!!  I was in tears after my run; I am so relieved.  Molly did absolutely amazing today and I’m so thankful for your company and for this product!!”

Michelle Brookshier

“I want to take a second to talk about a product we just started Aubrey’s horse on, who has SEVERE breathing issues.  He is constantly coughing. This wasn’t just a cough, but a DEEP DEEP BAD cough. She could not even ride him around at a walk without him almost dying due to his breathing and not being able to get air.  About 2 weeks ago we started him on Race Today and yesterday she made a run with NO COUGHING and normal breathing. Not only did she make a run, but she was also able to warm him up without him about to die.  This product works!! We have NEVER seen this horse bleed out before. He has bad coughing and minor gate issues.

Lindsey Pontious

Sure glad I went to this last race because Diamond and Chigger worked amazing!!  I’m so happy with the supplement they are on!! Race Today and Equilytes Paste has been a total game changer for my two!! Diamond hasn’t bled and Chigger has her fire back!!  Both walk into the arena calm, quiet, and ready to do their jobs and they feel great!! Excited to hit another race.”


Tennessee Lane

“The first time I used Equilytes was during a multiday race.  It seemed crazy to change electrolyte brands right before my most important event but when I departed for Tevis, ‘the world’s toughest 100-mile race,’ I packed Equilytes.  I was blown away with how palatable it was; my horse chowed it right down! I was doubly impressed by how quickly I saw it take effect, and how long the effects lasted. His muscle tone was awesome, he started drinking more, his appetite increase, and even his energy level seemed to boost.  I have now completely Tevis, several times, using Equilytes, and the horse I’m currently training, “Bluff,” has been on Equilytes for all of his past events and performed brilliantly. I’m looking forward to taking him to Tevis this year. I’ll be packing Equilytes.”

“During an extremely hot 100, climbing a ferocious hill, I came across a rider whose horse was hot and quivering.  I immediately handed him a tube of Vetline’s electrolytes and continued on my way. After the race, the rider approached me to say, ‘WOW, what was in that tube?!  It completely turned my horse around we finished the 100!’…Equilytes!”

Darrell R. Mart in Jr.

“Felicity Martin’s horse Ricky Bobby woke up to practice in the cool morning at 4-H state finals 2018 and he loved his Equilytes from Vetline.  He has been downing about 25 to 30 gallons of water a day, staying well hydrated.”

Stevie Ann Wilhelm

“IT REALLY WORKS! I dare you to go look at your electrolytes and compare them to Euqilytes! I’ve used pastes before and didn’t see any change in my horses’ eyes or energy.  I wasn’t a believer in electrolytes. Just throw some salt in their feed and go on right? Wrong! I was amazed by the bounce back my horses had on this! It’s so important to replace what your horse loses after hauling or after hard work or competition to make sure they bounce back fast.  Equilytes does that.”

Dayna Ryan

“Thank you for my much-needed electrolytes from Vetline.  This paste is great for those 90-degree night races!”

Dora Denning

“Equilytes paste is so easy, a three-year-old can give it and my horses love it!”

Stephanie Norris

“I simply want the best for Honey.  I want her feeling good and able to perform at her peak.  That’s why I use Equilytes.”

Michelle Hoffman Darling

“I just started using Race Today and Equilytes.  It works wonders! As soon as I’m done riding, my horses drink better and seem to recover faster.”

Maddy Erwin

“Thank you Vetline for giving both of my horses that extra boost with electrolytes!  I love Equilytes because it doubles to help them recover after a run or hard workout!”


Jerri Mann

“My 25-pound EqVital came in today – I am so thankful for their great products!”

Stevie Ann Wilhelm

“Loving my Vetline supplements!! By far impressed with their products.  The transformation in my guy is amazing!”

“After seeing the results on my horses with Race Today, I have started all my horses on the rest of their products, and they are feeling and looking the best I’ve ever seen – the way they absorb, process, and physiological utilize the products is absolutely amazing.”

“I am loving the way my prospects are filling out. No fat oils, no soy products, no plant-based products with their mystery ingredients, no trash, or extra additives.  Just simply old-fashioned whole oats, EqVital, beet pulp, and grass hay. They look amazing. Feed the way my grandpa always fed – simple.”

Tiffany Kirkham

“Well I guess it’s time to revise the goal book again!! Just ran my first seventeen; I am so blessed with this mare of mine.  Thank you to Vetline for Race Today, Equilytes, and EqVital!”

Jacie Schrempp

“I have both of my young horses on this stuff.  Mixes easily!!”